DuraCeramic is a resilient limestone based Luxury Vinyl tile: durable, Warm & Easy to Clean
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(12" x 24" Tiles)  DCR01: Dimensions - White Carrara

What makes DuraCeramic different?

The key difference is the amount of limestone used to make it a strong, rigid floor but still have some resiliency to allow for movement in the home. The patterns and designs not only look real but have many custom options. DuraCeramic has unlimited possibilities of style and design. Choose from a variety of colors & styles, with or without grout with a stain resistance and you can install with a traditional or custom layout.

DuraCeramic flooring also provides exceptional performance in high traffic areas. The wear-layer protection helps minimize scratching, stains and scuffs that come with every day wear and tear as well as a Scotchgard™ Protector that can keep the flooring looking its best.

DuraCeramic is inspired by nature and designed for your life. DuraCeramic floors are strikingly realistic and extremely practical with all the benefits of modern technology and innovation. DuraCeramic comes in two size formats, Origins in 16” x 16” and Dimensions in 12” x 24”.

(12" x 24" Tiles)  DTV03: Dimensions - Travertino - Blush

DuraCeramic VS Ceramic Tile
Which floor is better?

DuraCeramic is not designed to replace ceramic tile. However, it defines a category of flooring called HPF, High Performance Flooring Tile. DuraCeramic is a stronger engineered floor when compared to many resilient flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tiles and is designed to handle the abuse of most lifestyles. DuraCeramic is made with a limestone composite base and fortified with a polymeric resin. For that reason, it’s tough yet flexible and will resist breaking from subfloor deflection, expansion and contraction. Since DuraCeramic is more forgiving than Ceramic Tile it is less likely to be damaged when heavy objects fall and the installation is faster and easier because the subfloor requires less attention when compared to ceramic and stone tile preparation. Many homeowners also enjoy DuraCeramic because it’s warmer and easier to stand on that ceramic tile.

Ceramic Tile does have a larger assortment and is also excellent at resisting scuffs and scratches. Whereas DuraCeramic is not designed for extremely wet areas, such as showers, ceramic tile works perfectly in those areas. Often ceramic tile and DuraCeramic are used together, for example some may choose DuraCeramic for the floor and Ceramic Tile for the walls.

(12" x 24" Tiles)  DCR01: Dimensions - White Carrara

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(12" x 24" Tiles)  DSL03: Dimensions - Stone Ledges - Castle Rock

What Consumers Say:

"Visually stunning and very realistic."

Ann S. - 5 Star Review

"It worked out perfectly. My wife actually enjoyed helping me and loves the floor."

Doug M.  - 5 Star Review

"Just what I was looking for."

Brent W.  - 5 Star Review

"DuraCeramic is much warmer on my bare feet"

Mike F.  - 5 Star Review

"The installation was quick
and the tiles look amazing"!

Jerry G.  - 5 Star Review

DuraCeramic Benefits:

  • Scotchgard Protector™
  • ​Warm and Comfortable Underfoot
  • ​Made in the USA
  • ​Indoor Air Certified by Floor Score
  • ​Ranked as #1 Choice For Over 9 Years!

DAX02: Architexture Gothic Arch


DFS01: Dimensions
Energy Spark


DLM03: London Mist


DPW01: Prairie Wood - Wind Swept

Where To Buy DuraCeramic Flooring?

You can find DuraCeramic at many different retail locations throughout the United States and many other Countries. Carpet Court can also provide you with excellent prices and service, feel free to contact us at (651) 774-3321 for the best prices for orders (over 200 sqft) If you are in our service area (Twin City Metro Area - Minnesota) feel free to stop into our showroom.
When you are ready to purchase flooring, consider contacting us if you have found this information useful. We work hard to provide you unbiased information based on our tests and opinions. Working closely with DuraCeramic Distributors we are able to provide you with a quality products and a great price. This web site is for research, information, color and pattern selection.

(12" x 24" Tiles)  DTV01: Dimensions - Travertino - Mist

What Professionals Say:

"It’s soft and warm underfoot, water-resistant... easy to clean."

S. Williamson - Floor Critics Review

"You have to see what
says about DuraCeramic"

P. Perretti - DuraCeramic Distributor

"If you are looking for a warm tile, DuraCeramic is the best floor to choose."

G. Lincoln - FloorScapes Review


DLM04: London Mist
Night Mantle


DRV01:  Dimensions
Reverie - Wishes


DSL05: Dimensions
Stone Ledges - Glint


DVT02: Dimensions
Vista - Coastal Fog


(16" x 16" Tiles)  CY03: Origins - Chrysalis - Rain Dance

What DuraCeramic Is Not?

DuraCeramic is not ceramic tile but it is one of the best preforming products made today. It is a limestone based Luxury Vinyl Tile that takes some of the best features of ceramic tile and mixes it with the best features of ceramic. Thus, DuraCeramic flooring will out perform most vinyl based products and some mid range ceramic tile floors. However, unlike ceramic tile DuraCeramic adapts to room temperature making it warmer floor in colder climates. The surface is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Like many floors, we recommend that you do not use wheels on chairs and that you always use floor protector pads and appliance movers to prevent damage.

Let's Get Technical

Construction: Urethane coated Scotch-guard, Nano-Silver composite surface glaze, reinforced with nylon particles and a limestone composite base.

12" x 24" x 1/8" Tiles are packaged 10 tiles per box: 20 sqft per box
Weight: 3.6 lbs per tile

Lifetime  Wear, Stain & Fade Limited Warranty - Residential
5 Year Limited Warranty - Commercial

Is DuraCeramic Easy To Install?

Yes, But why can we say that? To begin, DuraCeramic can be installed directly over concrete, suspended wood, and some resilient floors. Some floors need underflor which is a felt like roll that is rolled out and the floor can be installed on that.
Make sure everything is clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, grease and so forth. DuraCeramic is flexible but the subfloor must be flat. DuraCeramic can be cut by scoring and flexing the tile much like drywall.
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