DuraCeramic Floors


High Performance Tile

DuraCeramic High Performance Floor Tile gives you the look of a ceramic tile floor but with the ease of maintenance and carefree qualities of a resilient floor. DuraCeramic is warmer to the touch, more comfortable underfoot, faster and easier to install than traditional ceramic tile.

Colors & Patterns of DuraCeramic

Warmer to Step on

DuraCeramic Warmth Test

DuraCeramic is significantly warmer than ceramic and other natural stones. You can notice that the image on the left (ceramic tile) shows a large heat loss to the feet. Ceramic tile will feel colder. However, if you have in-floor heat then it would be warmer but that also adds to the cost. With DuraCeramic (right) you will notice less heat loss, naturally, thus your heat stays with you when and where you need it.

Great choice for many lifestyles

Congoleum products are available online and through your local flooring stores throughout the United States.

Please Note: Some online sites sell Second Grade Materials, which may contain defects and no warranty. We recommend purchasing 1st Quality products from a reputable retailer to maintain your warranty.

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